Therapy Thursday (4-19-18)

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist. While I do have a masters degree in counseling, the purpose of this blog is not to provide counseling. The purpose of this blog is to offer tips to deal with the frustrations of life. When it comes to your mental health, please seek professional counsel if you feel necessary.

Oh how I missed you ladies this past week. I was gone for a short minute, but now I am back. And its my favorite day of the week, Thursday! And you know what we do on Thursday right? Yep. We do therapy.

This week I wanted to talk about comparison. *cues Jonathan McReynolds “Comparison Kills”*.

I am sure you have heard that before and I pray it hasn’t become old to you. In the age of social media, we are being encouraged to look at everybody else, instead of focusing on ourself. Social media, in many ways, teaches us that what we have is not enough because this person has more. It feeds the greed and envy inside of us all and makes us discontent with what God has blessed us with. They say the grave is the richest place in the world. I’ll add to that by saying the top producer of the riches is comparison. Comparison consistently adds to the bank account of the grave. It robs wealth from families, children, and the Kingdom of God. But it doesn’t have to.

And that is what I want to talk about today. How to defeat comparison.

I want to share with you ladies 3 easy ways to defeat comparison.

  1. Get to know yourself. I mean get to know yourself for real. Not your favorite color, or the size of your jeans. I mean really peel back the layers and figure out who you are. Many times we compare ourselves to others because we don’t know the value inside of us.  Take the time to figure out what makes you tick, what you are afraid of, what you are passionate about, etc. When you know who you are, you won’t look at others thinking they have something you don’t. And honestly, you won’t even care.
  2. Compliment others. Something incredible happens when you speak life over somebody else. You shine light on the strategy of the enemy and he flees. The enemy wants you to believe speaking life concerning another gift will take away something valuable from you. He wants us to believe that giving out compliments will rob us of the only spot at the top. But sis, its room for you and me to be the best at what we do. We can absolutely shine together. So let sis know she is amazing today.
  3. Mind your own business. What she got going on next door has nothing to do with you. Focus on your journey and you won’t even notice where others are at. It doesn’t matter how many experts their are in your field. The world needs your gift. You are a solution to something. And when you figure out what that is and focus on how to solve the problem you have mastered the art of minding your own business. Or what as I like to put it….

I love this tip so much, I had to put it on a shirt. And these shirts will be available real soon *rubs hands together while thinking up a plan*.

I hope these tips help you kill comparison. You are more than enough, no one can be like you, and we need the authentic you to solve problems. So get your mind right and slay in your lane sis!


Shanithia “HyQuality” Kendrick

Author: hyqualitychicks

29. Girl Boss. Author of "Resilience". Blogger. M.A in Mental Health. Future LPC. Pastor.

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